Conheça a nossa história

Casa Borges & Irmão was founded in 1884 in Porto city- Portugal by the two brothers Antonio and Francisco Borges. Trading initially dedicated to the tobacco, matches and foreign currency but quickly the brothers expanded into wine, with the establishment of a wine sale and exporting. This house would later give birth to the prestigious Banco Borges & Irmão, named since 21 August 1937.

Inextricably linked to the liveliness of the Porto city, essential for the social and traditional way of life, the family has always connected to the land of their founders, acquiring safe investments such as numerous rustic properties in Douro and Minho, providing a stable outlet for some products, the Sociedade dos Vinhos Borges & Irmão. Combining the love of the homeland and the fruit of hard work, when in 1926, D. Lúcia Borges Vinagre received from her father, Antonio Borges, the Quinta de Santa Maria Estate, located in São Miguel da Carreira - Barcelos as a gift.

Shortly after, the first Vinho Verde was bottled on the estate, which turned out to be a pioneering activity in the region. The restaurant Quinta Santa Maria brings the tradition of a typical Portuguese house, since tiles come from Portugal, towels and curtains, all done by hand. The decor invokes a century farmhouse, typical of the Minho- Vinho Verde region.