Da Terra

Mirandela-Style Sausage

Served with Cooked Potatoes, Fried Egg and Broccoli.

Goat Carré

Coal-Roasted Lgoat With Porto Wine Sauce, Cooked Potato And Broccoli.

Goat Chanfana

Moda Da Serra-Style Lamb

Oven Roasted Lamb, Cooked Potato and Broccoli.

Braga-Style Fillet

Fillet Mignon with Mustard Sauce, Broccoli and Cooked Potato.

Santa Maria-Style Fillet

Fillet Mignon Grilled in Garlic And Olive Oil, Asparagus and Portuguese Fries.

Porto-Style Fillet

Fillet Mignon with Porto Wine Sauce, Shiitake and Gouda Cheese Risotto.

Goat Leg

Roasted in Porto Wine Sauce, Cooked Potatoes and Broccoli.